LwM2M Test Event

Specification Validation Event (SVE) #41

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

10-13 June, 2024

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Test Event


OMA is proud to host the LwM2M Specification Validation #41 Event in Raleigh, North Carolina, June 10-13th, 2024. Thank you to Itron for hosting this at your NC offices. This is one of many specification validation events (SVE) we host with our members and non-members, who attend to support in the validation and verification for implementations across use LwM2M protocol use cases. LwM2M enables M2M and IoT use cases including those in industrial, utilities, cities, and more. Our goal will be to optimize, refine, and improve the LwM2M Open Protocol, while leveraging peer collaboration and implementation for evaluation, testing, and validation. The focus will be on LwM2M Client & Server implementations compliant with LwM2M protocols including v1.0, v1.1, and v1.2.


OMA is proud to host this event to support the industry as it progresses to connect systems, equipment, and operations. Below are a list of key benefits for attending this event:

  • Benchmark your LwM2M implementation by comparing it with the Client and Server solutions from other companies
  • Information Sharing & Gathering Peer-to-Peer Expertise
  • Learning Best Practices in Asset Tracking, Fleet Monitoring, Device Management, Monitoring, Metering, Alerting, etc.
  • Hands-on Specification Validation/Verification
  • Colleague and Ecosystem Networking


OMA is proud to host both members and non-members. If you are not a member, please contact us to explore our membership options. Non-Members are welcome to participate and attend but must have an approved and active implementation. Event Fees are $250 per implementation and $250 per engineer.


This event will take place at the Itron offices, 8529 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615. Please REGISTER HERE. Registration closes on May 31st, 2024 and the event confirmations will take place June 1st, 2024. Event SCHEDULE


Below is a brief list of the primary activities that take place at our OMA SVE LwM2M events:

  • Review, evaluate, test and validate participant implementations
  • Define new objects and test integration with back-end systems
  • Debug, discover, and work on interoperability and interchangeability
  • Collaborate, learn, and explore best practices for refining the LwM2M protocol
  • Explore use cases in IoT and M2M 
  • Compare and contrast with peers
  • Review of varying client/servers
  • Peer discussion and analysis 
  • Post Event product listing (If Needed)


New LwM2M v1.2 Test Cases

The Enabler Test Specification for SVE #41 is now available, detailed in the document titled OMA-ETS-LightweightM2M_INT-V1_X. This document includes a comprehensive set of new V1.2 test cases covering new LwM2M functionality:

LwM2M Interfaces Test Cases

  • TC-#11: Client-Initiated Bootstrap (OSCORE Security)
  • TC-#12: Client bootstrap through use of Bootstrap-Pack Request to the BS
  • TC-#19: Client-Initiated Bootstrap over MQTT

Registration Interface

  • TC-#110: Initial Registration using Profile ID
  • TC-#111: Initial Registration Using Mix of Profile ID and Object List

Device Management & Service Enablement Interface

  • TC-#264: Discover Command on Object ID with Depth 1
  • TC-#266: Discover Command Object ID with Depth 3

Information Reporting Interface

  • TC-#312: Observe operation carrying observe attributes as parameters.
  • TC-#313: Observation with Notification parameter values overriding existing attributes.


What are OMA Specification Validation (SVE) (aka TestFest):

OMA Specification Validation Events (SVE) are designed to achieve several crucial objectives, including:

  • Ensuring the quality of OMA specifications
  • Enabling vendors to verify and test the interoperability of their product implementations in a multi-vendor environment.
  • Providing a peer-to-peer networking environment for participants.

These Test Events are held in a confidential and secure testing environment, allowing companies to bring their Client and/or Server implementations based on an OMA Enabler to test in multiple multi-vendor environments. We are pleased to inform you that these events are open to OMA members and non-member companies.


To participate in SVE #41 please register below:

We look forward to your active participation in SVE #41, which promises to advance OMA LwM2M implementations and interoperability.


OMA Test Event Team